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Old world craftsmanship is not dead!

Ash Masonry Masterworks excellent craftsman

We are dedicated to providing masonry solutions to your product in the old world style. This means that no matter what size project we undertake for you, we will deliver a handcrafted result backed by over 30 years experience. We welcome small projects as well as major restorations and new construction.


“I am in awe of the amazing job they are doing with the Arch restoration and fabrication.  At first I didn’t see or imagine the vision of what was being done. I am pleasantly surprised to say it has exceeded our expectations. Their ability to match the old stone put in back in the late 1800’s, with modern structural integrity is really something else. I believe Brian and the crew of Ash Masonry Masterworks truly are master craftsman.”

——-  Nathan (Foreman – Austin State Hospital)


Owner Brian Ash says it best:

“Yes, we do large-scale restoration projects that few people in the country are capable of doing but we also welcome small jobs. I would like our work to speak for itself while not scaring off smaller projects. We welcome all sized opportunities where the bottom line is having the work done right. The truth is we are very affordable despite our background and experience.”

As you tour this site and see examples of our work we hope that you will gain an appreciation for what we bring to the table; experience and old world craftsmanship.


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Call Us Today At ♦ (210) 488-8849



These focus areas include specialization in stone, terracotta and brick installation / repair.

University United Methodist Church

We are pre-qualified by top architectural firms. You can view our finished work at numerous Texas Historical Commission Projects.  And we can provide excellent examples of our residential and commercial projects. These projects range from small fireplace restorations to building facade repair. Of course, we are fully insured for your protection.

Drag Up & Down : Before & After

Trust in the care of our staff to undertake your restoration. With an artistic eye we can expertly match stone work so that differences in construction time periods are virtually unnoticed.

Our Focus Falls Into 3 Categories:

Our services include:

  • Permit Acquisition
  • Building Inspection Services
  • Assistance in design and material acquisition

Finally, one of our special endeavors is the re-creation of the old world hand carved stone fireplace. Design/build and installation services are available for the discriminating palate.       

Call Us Today At ♦ (210) 488-8849