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Old world craftsmanship is not dead!

Certainly, there are excellent masonry contractors who still carry on the techniques and qualities of masonry design and construction. These techniques have been passed down generation to generation from the craft guilds of Europe and before from the ancient civilizations.

There are very few masons remaining however, that view each project as an artisan, rather than a craftsman. There is a distinction there, in observing the design, structure and qualities of the work and materials involved. Considering the color, texture and density – the internal makeup of the stone or brick to be utilized. Brian Ash is such an artisan as well as skilled craftsman. Ash Masonry Masterworks rises above the standard.

When looking at what is out there today in the world of masons and masonry there is a distinction between those who are amazing and those who do great, even excellent work. There is good, great and excellent work being executed today – but there is very little outstanding work being constructed today. Ash Masonry is one of the few true outstanding artistic skilled craftsmen around who do amazing outstanding work today.

At Ash Masonry we strive to beat the expectations of our clients. We do this through the creation and crafting of a finished product that is beyond the status of excellent, we go a step further and create outstanding work.

When it comes to Restoration and Preservation projects historic landmarks like “The Alamo” and other notable landmarks choose “outstanding” over excellence and use Ash Masonry Masterworks